Export Consumption Data From Meter

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The consumption information for all the components in the active simulation can be exported from the meter. 

In this example first the Raw Consumption information is exported. The file produced is a CSV file and by default will open with Table Analysis but the file can be opened by most spreadsheet programs or text editors.

Column #1. Component Name
Column #2. Circuit Name
Column #3. Cycle Start Time (seconds)
Column #4. Cycle End Time (seconds)
Column #5. Cycle Period (seconds) the difference between start and end times 
Column #6. Cycle Consumption Rate (kWh) 
Column #7. Cycle Consumption (kW)
Column #8. Cycle State 

The Cycle Consumption Rate is the amount of power that would be consumed if the device was on for one hour. The Cycle Consumption is the amount of power used for the given period. For example if a 60 watt light bulb was on for 10 minutes the Cycle Consumption Rate would be 0.06 kWh and the Cycle Consumption would be 0.018 kW.

Next in the video the Half Hour consumption for all the components in the world is exported

Column #1. The period start time in seconds
Column #2. The period end time in seconds
Column #3. The period length in seconds (half an hour)
Column #4. The consumption in kWh.


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