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The Component Wizard allows you to build custom components with no programming or simulation knowledge. The wizard will guide you through the steps of creating the component.

Select Component Wizard from the Eco3D Main Menu. 

On the welcome screen enter the name for the new component, the name of the circuit to which the component will attach and the capital cost then click Next. 

Wait a moment as Eco3D Pro will open in the background.

The next step, called Component Visualisation allows you to change the appearance of the component. First enter the dimensions for the new component, the default is 1000x1000x1000mm. Next select box to create a basic cube shape or select geometry and enter the address of a geometry file. When done click Next.

 Eco3D Pro will now create the component with the selected visualisation.

The next step is the select the component input. The component can have many inputs, here we only select one input External Switch and set the name of the switch to Mains, click OK. Then click Next to move to the next step.

Eco3D will now create the required behvaiours for the switches.

On the next screen we must specify when the different component states are triggered. In this example it is simple. The On state is triggered when the Main switch is on. Click next to move to the next state.

On this screen you will decide if the component is to interact with the Resource Manager. In this example we do not want to use this component with the Resource Manager so we leave the tick box blank and click Finish. 

Now we are prompted to select a location and file name for the new component. Enter the name and click Save. 

The new component is now complete. 

To show the new component working, first we set a On Consumption Rate of 100kw. Then tick the State Colours option. This will ensure that the component changes colour when switching states.

From the Component Library we load a switch component and then set the simulation to run for two hours.

As the simulation runs the component changes colour to show that it is changing from Off (Yellow) to On (Green) and then Off (Yellow) again. Note that the default colours are the same as the colours used in the statistics state pie chart.


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