Using the Component Manager

As a manufacturer of energy using products, a number of which may already be in the Eco3D Library, your primary intention is likely to be keeping your organisation’s profile up to date.

This will consist of the following basic functions:

Adding new records
Updating existing records
Managing out of date records

All the information created regarding your product(s) by CyberPharm has been taken from data made publicly available. All graphics used to represent your product(s) are generic representations of the category they appear in, it is recommended that where possible you replace these graphics with an accurate depiction of your product(s).

The purpose of this system is to allow you to update your products quickly and easily as well as adding new products. Each product is processed to create a Component file which is used by Eco3D Software Suite end users within their simulations.

If you have a large number of similar products in the library then it is recommended you make use of the tools available for updating multiple products quickly. Further information on this is available via help documentation and video.

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