Template and Target

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First the "New Demo Component" is opened in the left panel. Then the "mains_switch" is opened in the right panel. Clicking the Template button in the footer panel changes the left panel from being the target to the template. Notice the blue and grey tags at the top of the left and right panel, these tags denote which panel is the target and which panel is the template.

Clicking the text on the target window will enable the in place editing. This is shown when the "Hide All Attached" specification is clicked. After editing clicking the green tick will save the changes, clicking the red cross will cancel the changes.

The target and template are changed so that the "New Demo Component" is now the target and the "main_switch" is the template. Clicking the text on the template panel will copy the text from the template to the target. Notice how the "Hide All Attached", "Eco3D Version", "Eco3D Category" and "Eco3D Type" now appears in the "New Demo Component" panel.

Once the values have been copied to the target, they can be edited using the inplace editing. Notice how the "Eco3D Type" value is changed to "New switch parameter" 

The target and template functionality can also be used when editing the Data for the components. Click the Data button to switch to the data view.

Notice how clicking the "component_icon.png" in the template window copies the image from the template to the target component. 


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