Adding Data Sheets

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This document is aimed at manufacturers who are updating products within the Eco3D library and wish to attach additional data or documentation to a product for use by the end users.

A data sheet can be any additional information contained within a file either hosted on the web or you can upload a file from your local machine. We would suggest that you use file types which are universally viewable (Examples: PDF, JPEG or HTML).

Once you have prepared the files you wish to upload, select the product you wish to update and switch to the Data view by clicking the Data button.

Using either a file from your local machine or a web URL to a publicly accessible version of the file you can attach the file to the product using the data sheet upload interface.

There is currently no limit of how much additional data you can upload through this process, however we would ask that you upload only relevant information and use reasonable discretion in selecting appropriate file types to upload. CyberPharm reserves the right to remove data from the system where usage is considered extreme or illegal.

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