Further Assistance

There are currently four main branches of assistance provided to you by CyberPharm. These are as follows:

Floating Help.


The floating help can be toggled on or off at any point using the help button at the top of the screen.

Having activated the floating help you may click on any of the floating help icons to see further information.

floating_help_button.png floating_help.png

Knowledge Base.


The knowledge base is where this article is hosted as well as many others like it. To access the knowledge base click the Knowledge Base button.

You can search the knowledge base or browse the list provided to find general information or help aimed at specific featured of the system.

Video Tutorials.

As well as a number of informative articles the Knowledge Base also contains several tutorial videos which can be invaluable when learning how to use this system. These videos can cover topics already covered by documentation as well as topics which are better suited to a more visual form of description. So if you are unsure, it is always worth following the video tutorial even if you have already read the knowledge base article.

CyberPharm Support.

For when you cannot find the answers to your questions CyberPharm’s dedicated support team are on hand to assist you. Support queries can be submitted by navigating to the ’Contact’ page, selecting ’Product Support’ and choosing the relevant product from the list provided.

Please use the web based form provided to submit as much information about your enquiry as possible. If you would like a phone response then please also request this and be sure to include your phone number. 

If you have an enquiry you would like to speak about over the telephone then please call our main switchboard on: 08454095537

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