Target and Template explained

This guide is aimed at Eco3D Component Manager users to aid their use and understanding of how the Component Manager interface works.
Within the Eco3D Component Manager there are several different areas of the screen which you will need to use. The two primary areas are the large central panels which by default are split down the centre to form a left and a right pane.


At all times one of these panes is the ‘Template’ and the other is the ‘Target’, they can quickly be identified by the tab at the top of each pane. It is important to keep track of which is which as later you will be switching them around to help with your editing of components.


The ‘Target’ should always be the component you are intending to edit. All changes are made on the ‘Target’ and only this pane can be edited.


The ‘Template’ is used when you wish to use some of the data entered in another component on the ‘Target’ component. For example if you were creating a new component that shared some attributes with another component in the Eco3D Component Library. 

This feature is intended to assist with fast and efficient editing of component data. For more details on how to use this feature as well as how to edit components please see our video tutorials.


target, template

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