Using Library Components

This document is aimed at those who wish to use the CyberPharm Library to find any product and then download it for use in a simulation. This assumes you have already signed up and logged in.

To find a product within the library you can either use the search engine provided or navigate through the categories.


Once you have found a product you are interested in, click to open it and browse its information. Many of the specifications CyberPharm have regarding this product can be viewed here, in addition to the CyberPharm ‘Quick Find’ code and a preview image of the 3D geometry for that product as well as any other images that have been supplied.

You should also have access to the ‘Download’ button. If you do not then please check that you are logged in and if the problem persists then please contact CyberPharm support.


Click the ‘Download’ button to begin the component download. Each component is typically between 3-4 Megabytes in size and carries the ‘.vcm’ file extension. 

Once the component has downloaded you can do what you wish with it, including placing in a layout or storing for offline use later.

You can also use the Eco3D Library within the Eco3D Software Suite itself, see our online Knowledgebase documentation for further information.

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