Eco3D Library Introduction

The Eco3D Component Library is an online repository of data including details of a large number of specific products from many different industry sectors all available for download as individual ’component’ files.

Access the Eco3D  Library:

If you are a manufacturer looking to keep the listings for your products up to date then please refer to the Eco3D Component Manager where you will find further, more relevant help documentation.

Access the Eco3D Component Manager:

The Eco3D Component Library is primarily concerned with energy consuming products, however it also contains everything users of Eco3D may need when building a 3D simulation as realistically as possible, such as walls and furniture. Each listing allows the download of a ‘component’ which is a file compatible with Eco3D that contains all the relevant information CyberPharm have for that listing including its 3D geometry. This file is what you will need to add a product to your world in either Eco3D or Visual Components simulation software. Check back regularly as these components are being updated constantly, many are maintained by the original manufacturers.

In order to gain access to these ‘Component’ files you will first need to sign up to the Eco3D Component Library or downloading these files will not be possible. For help signing up please refer to our sign up tutorial.

The Eco3D Component Library allows you to do the following:

Download components containing energy consumption data for a huge variety of products
View manufacturer’s product specifications
Download working components into your Eco3D software
Enhance your simulations visually with a wide range of 3D models

Please note that there is also a version of the Eco3D Component Library designed specifically for use within Eco3D itself, this allows for layouts to be constructed very quickly as you can drag components directly from the sidebar and drop them into your simulation. For more information on this please see our online help documentation regarding the Eco3D eCat.

For further information concerning your usage of the Eco3D Component Library please refer to our online knowledge base.

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