Removing a product

Instead of removing a component in its entirety there a few options to consider first.

Marking a component as Obsolete.

An obsolete component is one which you no longer manufacture, sell or market but that has been sold in the past. Once a component is marked as obsolete it is kept within the Eco3D library but is no longer an active component and depending upon your contract with CyberPharm may no longer be charged to your account.

We would prefer that you make use of this option where appropriate as even if you are no-longer actively marketing a product there may very well be users of Eco3D who own the product and wish to calculate the carbon emissions of their organisation, they will still need this component in order to do so.

Setting a component’s Visibility.

Each component has its own visibility settings, if you set Visible to Organisation then your component will no longer be displayed to the public via the Eco3D Component Library and is only accessible to you or to other users from within your organisation. To anyone outside your organisation this is the same as deleting the component. Setting Visible to Public will make the component available to any user of the Eco3D Component Library.


Both these options are accessible from the data view of any component. To access these first navigate to your component, then select the data button.

Then within the Miscellaneous section either of these options can be toggled by clicking on them.


Should you require that a component or group of components be removed permanently from the Eco3D Component Library then please contact CyberPharm directly.

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