Eco3D eCat Introduction

This document is aimed at users of the Eco3D simulation suite.

As you may be aware if you are also a Visual Components software users it is possible to gain access to libraries of components directly through the software itself through the side bar. These listings are commonly referred to as eCat libraries. 


All products available via the CyberPharm Library are also available in eCat form. Using the eCat you can search for and drag the components straight into your simulation layout as well as saving them to your local machine if you wish.

This includes both the vast repository of over 100,000 (at time of writing) energy consuming products as well as the bespoke Eco3D components created by CyberPharm such as the energy meters.

There is further help documentation contained within the Knowledge Base regarding set-up and usage of the CyberPharm eCat.

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