Component Product Relationship

This document is intended to explain what a Component is and how this relates to the Products in the Eco3D Library.

The Eco3D library contains a very large number of energy consuming Products for use in simulations both in Eco3D and Visual Components software. Eco3D license holders additionally have access to Components which will allow them to carry out detailed energy analysis in a plug and play fashion.

Please note that this library is constantly growing and changing as new products are added and existing product data is updated by CyberPharm and by Manufacturers directly.

For the products, each component file contains the data published online for that Product, its 3D representation and its energy consumption characteristics. When using Eco3D it is not necessary to have an in-depth understanding of computer simulation or 3D modelling in order to make full use of any product in the library.

The Eco3D Library, when used in conjunction with the Eco3D software suite, is sufficient to re-create most business processes and ascertain their energy usage. It is also possible to swap and compare products and the effect such changes could have on overall energy consumption within an organisation. 

In order to achieve this users create simulation layouts which contain a collection of Components that represent the separate activities within any given process. These are represented in full 3D and can take any number of factors into account, usually with the goal of increasing efficiency and maximising profitability. This approach is probably most common within the manufacturing industry but with the growing tendency towards computerisation is now common in every industry. To our knowledge Eco3D is currently the only such software that specifically includes energy consumption as standard.

The Eco3D Library Components contain all the information needed to guide product purchasing decisions where efficiency is a major consideration. Energy managers use this software to choose which products need replacing in order to meet current energy reduction requirements. To our knowledge this is the most up to date, accurate and accessible source of this information. The individual component files that each contain this data for a separate and unique product are what makes this possible.

As well as Components which represent specific products currently in circulation globally the Eco3D library also contains products designed to assist Eco3D users in other ways. By gaining access to the Eco3D library you will also gain access to a series of plug and play components which are intended to speed up, simplify and enhance the functionality of the world leading Visual Components simulation engine. There are also several components designed to help bring a new level of realism to your simulation layouts.

For further information on gaining access to or interacting with the Eco3D Library of Components please refer to the Knowledge Base articles and Video Tutorials which can be found in the Eco3D Knowledge Base. For Eco3D users training is also available through a collection of packages as well as bespoke training tailored to your needs, please contact CyberPharm to discuss any training requirements on 08454095537

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