Updating or Editing Products

This document is intended for use by product manufacturers to aid in updating existing components in their profile within the Eco3D component library. To do this you must first have access to the Eco3D Manufacturers Portal and be signed in.

For more information on finding products in the library please see our other help documentation or videos.

You can either update a product manually by accessing and altering whatever information is stored as well as adding new information.


You can update a component by copying information from another product directly into the corresponding field of the selected product with a single click.

To update a component manually:


First navigate to and open the component in question. Make sure you are viewing the component in ’Target’ mode, if you are not then switch to target mode now by selecting the ’Template’ button in the bottom pane of the workspace.

Now you can select the information you wish to change, edit it, and click ’OK’ to save or ’Cancel’ to revert back to the previous state.

You can also delete a piece of information by selecting the small cross nearby. WARNING There is no confirmation, once you delete a piece of information, it is gone.

Updating using Template:

First select the component you would like to use as a template, make sure this side is set as the template, not the target.

Now, in the other side of the workspace, select the component you want to use as the target. Make sure this is set to target not template.

If you click the piece of data on the template side that you wish to transfer it will automatically appear on the target side. You can do this for any piece of data as much as you wish but please be careful as this instantly overwrites whatever was previously on the target component.

NOTE: If you make any serious mistakes or the system appears to have miss-placed any of your components, just contact CyberPharm Support. We can help you rectify the situation and if need be restore from one of our frequent backups.

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