Convert Units

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From the Eco3D Main Menu select Table Analysis. Click the Open button and select a spreadsheet file.

If the first row of data in the csv file represents the column headers for each column click yes otherwise click no.

Click the Convert button to open the “Unit Converter” dialog.

First select the column you wish to convert. In this example we are going to convert the column with the heading “Y”.

There are many different types of unit conversions within Table Analysis. First you must select the unit category. In this example we are converting power.

Next select the “From Units” this is the unit currently used

Then select the “To Units” this is the unit that you want to use.

Click the ok button to execute the conversion.

You will then be prompted to ask if you want to rename the column header.

Finally in this example video we save the converted data by clicking the save button and entering a new filename.


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