Switch Electric Time Distribution

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There are many different types of switches in the Eco3D Component Library. The basic function of each switch is the same; the switch turns the power on or off for the given circuit name. The difference between the switches is how you specify when to switch the switch.

The time distribution switch allows you to specify the switch on as two times in seconds. The 
MTBP (Mean Time Between Power) The average amount of time the switch is off in seconds.
MTTP (Mean Time To Power) The average amount of time in seconds the switch is on.

In this video we create a simple circuit to demonstrate using the cycle distribution component. First load an Energy Meter, then load the time distribution component. Check that the circuit name is set to “Lights”, modify the MTBP and MTTP if required. Next select a component to connect to the circuit, in this example we use the simple Filament Blub.

We then run the simulation at a slow speed, so that we can clearly see the light changing colour as the power switches on and off. 


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