Account Statistics

This document is intended to assist manufacturers in keeping track of their product offerings.

There are several different ways to count the products in the Eco3D Library which relate to your organisation. There is the total number stored in our database, the number accessible to end users, the number of shared products, private products, obsolete products and current products.

It can also be important to see how many products you are currently eligible to be billed for. This information is available through the account section of the system.


From the main menu, select the ’Account’ button in the top pane of the workspace, this will allow you to access all information stored against your organisation concerning user and billing details.

You can now view the information held regarding the products assigned to your organisation under ’Account Statistics’.


Here you can see exactly how many products are stored against your organisation and how these are distributed. Also how many products in total are currently available to end users. It is strongly recommended that you are aware of these figures and take action if they do not appear as you expect.

Should you find a discrepancy between the figures stated here and your expected quantities then please contact us so one of our dedicated support team can investigate on your behalf.

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