Stacked Graph Tutorial

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To demonstrate the stacked graph we start by loading the Reception layout. 

Select the meter component and from the Param tab enable the parameter “StoreConsumptionHistory”. This will change the setting so that all the components in the world will store detailed information about the energy usage. When disabled this data is calculated but not stored because of the processing / memory load.

Run the simulation for a day. As the simulation runs notice the components changing colour to represent the different energy consumption states.

When the simulation ends, select the meter component. From the Param tab click the “Stacked Half Hour Bar Chart”. You will then be prompted to select a filename and location for the data.

By default the data file will open using Table Analysis. Select the data from the bottom to the top by selecting the bottom row and whilst holding the shift key click the top row.

When the data is selected click the Graph button.

Table Analysis will then change to display the graph page. Click the Stacked Graph button to create the new chart.

To customise the chart right click on the graph to show the context menu. From this menu change the following settings.

Datatable > Show / hide 

Special effets > Cast shadows (only 2D charts)

Values > Show / hide

Legend > Show / hide


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