Using Forklift Resource

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From the Eco3D Component Library load an Energy Meter and a switch. Set the start time in the switch to 00:00:00 and the end time to 24:00:00.

From the Inline category load a “Basic Feeder” and Conveyor component.

Load the resource manager component.

Load an InLet component and PnP to the “Basic Feeder”, then load an Outlet component and PnP to the conveyor component.

Load a Pathway component and then use the interact function to stretch the pathway. Ensure the pathway connects the “Basic Feeder” and the conveyor.

Load the “Forklift” from the Resources category. On the Param tab of the Forklift component disable the parameter  “UseOperator”.

Select the “Inlet” component and set the parameter “Operator” to “Forklift”.

Run the simulation to see the Forklift truck transport the dynamic components from the “Basic Feeder” to the Conveyor. 

Load the “Anna” component from the Resource category, place Anna on top of the pathway.

Select the Forklift component, from the Param tab enable the parameter “UseOperator”. Then click the “ConnectOperator” button. This will open the Connect Operator dialog. Select Anna from the Available Resource list and then click “<- Add” to move Anna to the connected list. Click Close when done.

Run the simulation, now Anna will board the Forklift truck. Then the forklift truck will transport the dynamic components from the “Basic Feeder” to the Conveyor.


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