Using Anna Resource

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Anna is a generic human resource.

The speed at which the component walks.

Disables animation for increase performance.

Size::<body part>
The size of the <body part> measured in mm.

The name of the sequence to follow.

Use this button to delete a sequence

Sets the movement time for a pose.

Click this button to record a new pose.

Click this button to delete the last pose.

This example shows how to use Anna to transport parts. 

From the Eco3D Component Library load an Energy Meter and a switch. Set the start time in the switch to 00:00:00 and the end time to 24:00:00.

From the Inline category load a “Basic Feeder” and Conveyor component.

Load the resource manager component.

Load a Pathway component and then use the interact function to stretch the pathway.

Load an InLet component and PnP to the “Basic Feeder”, then load an Outlet component and PnP to the conveyor component.

Load the Anna component and place on top of the pathway.

Run the simulation Anna will then transport part from the Inlet to the Outlet component.


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