Template Process

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The process machine processes a product for the given processing time.

This component could be used to simulate any type of process, anything from a Lathe cutting a product to a person filling in a paper form in an office.

The colour of the component will change to show the current state of the component. Default colours are 

Yellow = Idle
Green = Busy
Purple = Blocked
Red = Broken

General::MachineLength, MachineHeight, MachineWidth
Used to set the size of the component, measured in mm.

Set the process index number. 

Set the product ID’s that this component is capable of processing.

The process time, measured in seconds.

This switches the process between manual and automatic. A manual process will require a human operator present before the processing can begin.

The name of the work sequence the operator should execute when present at this component. Available when OperatorUse is enabled.

General::StorageColumns, StorageRows, StorageLevels, StorageMode
Used to specify how the component will stack multiple products.

From the Eco3D Component Library load an Energy Meter.

From the InLine Conveyor category load two “Basic Feeder” components.

Load the “Resource Manager” component into the world.

Load a Pathway component and then use the interact function to stretch the pathway.

Load an InLet component and PnP to the “Basic Feeder” component, then load a Outlet component and place at the other end of the pathway.

Load the “Template Process” component from the template category and place in the centre of the pathway.

Load the Anna component and place on top of the pathway.

Now run the simulation Anna will pick products from the “Basic Feeder” and transport them to the process component. When the process component is busy the colour changes to green. When processing is complete Anna will transport the product to the Outlet.


resource, manager, template, process

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