Template Packing

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From the Component Library load an Energy Meter.

From the InLine Conveyor category load two “Basic Feeder” components.

Load the “Resource Manager” component into the world.

Load three pathway components into the world. The pathway components must overlap.

Now load the “Packing Machine” from the templates category and place in the centre of the pathway. Change the MachineHeight parameter to 10mm.

Load another pathway component. Then load the Pallet Truck and place on top of the pathway. Set the following parameters in the Pallet Truck LoadLocation.Y to 0 and LoadLocation.A to 0.

Load the Anna component and place on top of the pathway.

Load two Inlet components and PnP to the two “Basic Feeder” components.

Load an Outlet component and place it at the end of the walkway.

Select the first InLet component and check that the ProductID is set to 111.

Select the first “Basic Feeder” click the “…” button next to Part on the sub tab “ComponentCreator” to change the part that this component creates. Select the component EuroPallet.vcm from the InLine conveyor folder.

Select the second InLet component and set the ProductID to 222.

Select and copy the name of the “Pallet Jack”. Then enable the parameter “Use Trolley” in the first InLet component followed by pasting the name of the Pallet Jack in the parameter “Trolley”.
Check that “TrolleyUse” is enabled in the packing machine and then paste the name of the pallet jack into the parameter “Trolley”.

Run the simulation. Anna will grab the pallet jack and then transport a pallet from the first “Basic Feeder” to the packing machine. Then Anna will transport products from the second “Basic Feeder” to be packed onto the pallet. When the pallet is full Anna will transport the pallet using the pallet jack to the Outlet.


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