Action Example Transport Trolley

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From the Eco3D Component Library load an Energy Meter and then load a Switch component, set the start time to 00:00:00 then set the end time to 24:00:00.

Then from the InLine conveyor category load the “Basic Feeder” component and load the Conveyor component.

Then load a pathway component, use the interact tool to resize the pathway ensuring that the path is below both the Feeder and the Conveyor.

Then load an InLet component and PnP to the “Basic Feeder”. Next load a OutLet component and PnP to the Conveyor component.

Load the Trolley and Anna components, placing both on top of the pathway.

Now specify that we want to use the trolley component when transporting. To do this select the InLet component, on the Param tab set the Operator to Anna, enable “Use Trolley” and set the Trolley parameter to the name of the trolley.

When the simulation runs the InLet component will create a transport trolley action. This will cause Anna to grab the trolley and then transport the part.

Using the action you will be able to simulate your business activities to assess if you can reduce energy consumption.

For an explanation of the action argument please refer to the API documentation within the Eco3D Pro training.


resource, manager, action, transport, trolley, TRANSPORT_TROLLEY, simulate, reduce, energy consumption

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