Action Example Release Trolley

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This is an example of using the action RELEASE_TROLLEY.

From the Component Library load an Energy Meter and then load the Resource Manager.

Load two pathway component then use the interact tool to stretch the path way. The pathway components must overlap.

Load a trolley component from the Resource Manager category and place the trolley on top of the pathway. 

Load the Anna component and place on top of the pathway.

Load the “Action Example Release Trolley” component and two cone components from the Example category. The cones must be placed on top of the pathway.

The simple python script with in the “Action Example Release Trolley”, first creates a GRAB_TROLLEY action which causes Anna to walk to the trolley and grab the trolley. 

Then a RELEASE_TROLLEY action is created, with the ToComponent set to cone. This causes Anna and the trolley to move to the first cone component and then release the trolley.

Finally a MOVE action is created causing Anna to walk to the second cone.

Using the Release Trolley action you will be able to simulate your business activities to assess if you can reduce greenhouse emissions.

For an explanation of the action argument please refer to the API documentation within the Eco3D Pro training.


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