Searching the Library

This document is aimed at users of the Eco3D Component Library, to get the most from the library you must first be signed up and logged in.

All searching in the library follows the same basic rules although some of the search pages will filter the results instantly as you type to help you find what you are looking for as quickly as possible. The most efficient way to find a specific product is to type the quick find code directly into the search. However if you do not know the quick find code then the fastest way to find your product is to first select the category of item you are looking for, and if known, the manufacturer name, then use the search options to filter the results down to the specific product you require.

It is not necessary to select a category before searching, however due to the extremely large (and growing) quantity of components in the library the fastest and most efficient search will always be completed by initially reducing the number of components you will be searching through.


The more search terms you provide the less results you will return. For example if you were to search for ’PC’ you would return more results than a search for ’PC 115v’. The search matches against each term you enter separately. So ’PC 115v’ would return a lot more results than ’ ”PC 115v” ’ as the latter would search for the terms as one string including the space. 

The search engine is identical in both the online library of components and the in-software eCat version.

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