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This is an example of using the action VC_ACTION_LOAD. In this example Anna will walk to a component creator and pick up a dynamic component. 

From the Component Library load an Energy Meter and then load the Resource Manager.

Load a pathway component then use the interact tool to stretch the path way.

Load the Anna component and place onto of the pathway.

From the example category load the Source component, then load the “Action Example Load” component. The simple python script within this component, first uses the MOVE action to make Anna walk to the source component and then uses the LOAD action to make Anna pick the dynamic component.

Note The Load action is similar to the Pick action. The load action requires you to specify the handle to the part to be picked. Were pick action you only need to specify where to pick the component from. Using the Load action you will be able to simulate your business activities to assess if you can reduce energy costs.

For an explanation of the action argument please refer to the API documentation within the Eco3D Pro training.


Resource, Manager, action, load, simulate, reduce energy costs

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