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When building a layout it is good practice to start by loading an Energy Meter, this will ensure that as you load the other components into the world that they will automatically connect to the meter.

From the Eco3D Component Library load a switch and set the Circuit Name to “Lights” using the Param tab. Then set the end time to 17:30:00 and then the start time to 09:30:00. 

Note that setting the end time first is required because the default end time is 01:30:00, setting the start time to 09:30:00 would mean that the start time is after the end time, which is not allowed.

Then load two Filament Bulb components from the Eco3D Component Library.

Clicking the play button will start the simulation. In just a few seconds the simulation executes 24 hours. Note the simulation was running at maximum speed in the video (1e6), you can slow down the simulation if you wish.

Clicking on the Param tab will show the results of the simulation. On the State tab we can see information about the amount of energy used during the different states. On the Energy tab we can see the amount of energy consumed and the Carbon Footprint.

The Meter component shows the amount of energy consumed and Carbon Footprint for all the components on the Lights circuit.  


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