Getting the most from your products

This document is aimed at manufacturers to highlight the areas of the system they may wish to pay particular attention to.

As with any marketing endeavour it is important to spend your effort where the rewards will be greatest. Given the nature of the Eco3D Component Manager and the Eco3D Component Library it is important to approach this task in a particular way.

Unlike most conventional web systems, the primary visual exposure of your product will be via its 3D model. Unless you have already updated your 3D models your products will be using the generic model assigned to that component catagory by CyberPharm. Just by uploading an up to date 3D model to your components you will make your products stand out to all end users. Also as the component is re-generated using this new 3D model its corresponding image will be updated to reflect this change. So with just one action you have dramatically changed how your product is viewed in all areas of Eco3D. Therefore if you are considering making only minimal changes at first it would be far more advantageous to update your 3D model than any accompanying imagery as this action will achieve both. 

Also it is important that you make sure your energy consumption information is as accurate as possible. The majority of end users will be very interested in this aspect of your product and may base their purchasing decisions on the accuracy of this information. 

After those two important updates your next changes will depend on the category of the components you are working with. However it is general good practice to try and keep your components consistent in the data they display, both within your product range and also when compared to your competitors. Try to give as much information as possible without overloading the page, and remember if you have a lot of extra information this can always be uploaded as a data sheet.

While there is always a value to publishing professional eye catching artwork of your components, we would suggest that the quality of the data your provide is likely to be of more interest to the end users of this system. Once you have uploaded an accurate 3D model and a couple of images your time is probably best spent adding to and maintaining the data stored regarding your components.

Please do make sure the product brand is clear and the end users are given all the information they would need to buy the product within the component data. If you are unsure about how to achieve this then please consult our online knowledge base or contact CyberPharm directly on 08454095537 or via our email contact form.

Bespoke data import services can be provided upon request.

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