Predict Energy Generation

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This video demonstrates how to calculate the amount of energy that would be generated if a skyline wind turbine was installed at CyberPharm HQ.

In the wind turbine manufactures data sheet you should find the power output curve for the wind turbine. This graph describes how much power will be generated at different wind speeds. The first task is to convert the graph image into useful data that the simulation can use.

From the Eco3D Main Menu select Graph Analysis. Then click the open button and select your graph image. Feel free to resize the window so that all the graph is visible. 

First click the axis origin, then click the Y axis maximum, then the X axis maximum and finally the graph line.  

Enter the X Max value and the Y Max value and the number of Readings to be taken. Here the number of readings is 20, so Graph Analysis will produce 20 lines of data.

Click the Save button to start the processing, you will then be prompted to select a location and enter a file name. Click Save to save the file.  

On the graph you will see a red line at each point where the graph was read. 

The power output on the graph was specified in watts, the simulation requires the data to be in kilowatts. To do the conversion use Table Analysis. 

From the Eco3D Main Menu click Table Analysis, click the open button and select the output file from Graph Analysis. 

From the tool bar click convert, set the column name to Y. Then pick the unit Category Power, set From Unit to Watts and To Units to KiloWatts, then click ok.

Click the save button to save the converted data.

Now open Eco3D and load the Energy Meter from the Component Library. Next load the Wind turbine from the Eco3D Component Library. Go to the Param tab for the wind turbine and set the Power Curve File to the file produced by Table Analysis. 

Then select the Wind Speeds File, this file contains data about the wind speeds at CyberPharm HQ collected via a weather station.

Then click run to start the simulation. Note the energy consumption for the wind turbine will be negative because the wind turbine generates electric.



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