PC Comparison Tutorial

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This video demonstrates using the Export Manager.

Load the “PC Comparison” layout, this layout has four different computers on four different circuits. The simulation can then be executed for one or more days.

Once the simulation completes click Report from the menu bar then click Reports and then click Export Manager.

The Export Manager dialog then opens. Click the add button to add the first row. Select the Energy Meter from the Meter combobox, and then select the circuit name from the Circuit combobox. Then we choose to select all data.

Repeat the above process three more times for the other circuits.

Then click the export button, enter a file name when prompted and select a location and then click Save.

Click yes to “Do you want to merge circuit columns”. This will merge common columns headers reducing the number of columns in the output file.

The outputted file is in CSV format which can be opened in most spread sheet programs or text editors.


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