Finding Specific Components

This document is intended for use by product manufacturers to aid in finding components associated with their account in the Eco3D Component Manager. To do this you must first have access to the Eco3D Component Manager and be signed in.

Firstly, from the top pane of the workspace select ’Start’. From here you can either navigate through all components, select a recently viewed component, or search the Component Manager for a specific component.


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Using the ’Choose an Option’ section of the system you can either navigate down through categories or select ’View All’ to view all components within that category and any sub categories.


When there are no further categories beneath the visible, the category selection becomes unavailable and clicking anywhere will invoke the same behaviour as ’Show All’


To start again either from the beginning or a category further up the hierarchy you can use the breadcrumbs menu. Clicking a breadcrumb has the same effect as navigating to that category without clicking ’Show All’.


Opening Recent:

To open a recently viewed component simply click on the desired component from the ’Recent Categories’ menu. If you wish you may use this menu to open the category rather than the component itself in order to skip a few steps if navigating to a specific component.




To search use the search box provided. This will take you to a similar screen found when using ’Show All’, this will be populated with your search results. Searching for the Quick Find Code of a specific product will return a search containing just that product.


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