Parameter Replacement Tutorial

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In this video we have loaded the InLine tutorial layout to demonstrate replacing parameters. In this layout the default ConveyorSpeed for all the components is 250. We could manually change the ConveyorSpeed of each component by going to the Param tab for each component but this would be time consuming.

To speed up changing multiple components expand the Add-Ons menu from the menu bar followed by Modelling Tools and select “Replace Parameter”. Enter the name of the parameter, in this example we are using “ConveyorSpeed”, then enter the new value and click Ok.

If multiple components are selected then the replace function will only search the selected components. If no components are selected the “Search all components” dialog appears, click yes. Notice how all the ConveyorSpeeds have been changed.

When using the parameter replacement tool if you wanted to replace the “Carbon Factor” parameter which is on the sub tab “Energy” for most components you would have to enter the parameter name as “Energy::Carbon Factor”


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