Inline Conveyors Routing

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Load the inline conveyor introduction layout. 

Delete the Basic Feeder and then load the Advanced Feeder from the InLine conveyor category (Components >> Material Handling >> Conveyors >> Generic >> Inline). Set the ConveyorWidth to 1000 and then PnP to the conveyor.

Select Advanced Feeder and navigate to the Param tab. From the BatchBook sub tab click the “…” button to expand the Note. Delete the current text and add the text below.

BatchSize; CycleTime, ProdID, Color, CreatorIndex, DelayAfterBatch, CustomProp1, CustomProp2, CustomProp3

5, 5.0, 111, yellow, 1, 15.0, 22.5, 7, ’Heavy’

4, 2.0, 222, blue, 2, 30.0, 25.0, 6, ’Light’

6, 4.0, 333, green, 3, 10.0, 20.0, 4, ’Medium’

Then click the Close button. Set the CreationMode to Batch.

To set the routing rules, select the Conveyor X-Divert component, enable the parameter RouteByColor. Set RouteColorStraight to yellow, RouteColorLeft to blue and RouteColorRight to green.

When the simulation runs the yellow products will be routed straight, the blue products to the left and the green products to the right.



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