Inline Conveyors Pallets

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Simulating automated palletising operations is easy within Eco3D.

From the Eco3D Component Library, or from the Eco3D eCat if inside the simulation engine, load an Energy Meter and a switch. In the Param tab for the switch, set the start time to 00:00:00 and the end time to 24:00:00.

From the Eco3D eCat navigate to the InLine category (Components >> Material Handling >> Conveyors >> Generic >> Inline). Load the component called Pallet Feeder. Then load a conveyor, in the Param tab with the conveyor selected set the ConveyorLength to 4000mm and then use PnP to connect the conveyor to the pallet feeder.

Load the component called XYZ Bundler into the world, PnP the bundler to the conveyor. Set the parameter PalletMode to true in the param tab and set pallet to “FromRightConnector”. Then load a Basic Feeder and PnP to the input of the XYZ Bundler. 

Load a second conveyor and PnP to the output of the XYZ Bundler.

Load a XYZ Debundler and PnP to the output of the second conveyor. Set the parameter PalletMode to true and OutputPalletToSide to true.

Load two more conveyors and connect to the outputs of the XYZ Debundler.

When the simulation runs, pallets move from the pallet feed to the bundler. White parts from the basic feeder are loaded onto the pallet. When the pallet is full, the pallet moves down the second conveyor to the debundler where the parts are unloaded from the pallet.



Pallet, load, unload, bundle, unbundle

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