Inline Conveyor Introduction

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The Inline components have the capability of automatically inheriting the settings as they are connected to other devices via the PnP function.  This means that you can set the width, speed, roller type, etc. of a conveyor once, then as you connect more conveyors to it they will change to match correctly.  

The video starts by first loading an Energy Meter from the Eco3D Component Library and then a switch. The start time is set to 00:00:00 and the end time to 24:00:00.

From the InLine category we load a Basic Feeder into the world. Then we load a Conveyor from the Component Library, the conveyor is PnP to the Basic Feeder. Next the ConveyorWidth parameter is changed to 1000mm and the ConveyorType is set to BeltConveyor.

A Conveyor Curve is loaded into the world and PnP to the existing conveyor. Notice that when the conveyor connects it inherits values from the previous conveyor. Next a Conveyor X Direct component is loaded into the world. Then three more conveyors are connected to each of the directs outputs.

Then the simulation speed is adjusted and the simulation starts. As the simulation runs, a conveyor is selected, then from the Tools menu Show Statistics is clicked. This will show statistics for the selected component. 

During the simulation run the parameters for each component are updated showing the consumption states, energy and carbon footprint. 

The simulation is then paused while one of the products on the conveyor is selected. Notice how the Carbon Footprint of the product changes as the product moves along the conveyors. 

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