Graph Analysis Reading Chart

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Graph Analysis will convert an image of a graph into a table of data.

From the Eco3D Main Menu select Graph Anlaysis. Then click the open button and select your graph image. In this example we then resize the window so that all the graph is visible. 

First we click the axis orgin, then click the Y axis maximum, then the X axis maximum and finally the graph line.  Then enter the X Max value and the Y Max value and the number of Readings. Here the number of readings is 20, so Graph Analysis will product 20 lines of data.

Click the Save button to start the processing, you will then be prompted to select a location and enter a file name. Click Save to save the file.  

On the graph you will see a red line at each point where the graph was read. 


Graph Analysis, image processing, read data, graph, table

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