Flood Light Compare

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This video shows how to compare the energy consumption and carbon footprint of two different types of flood lights, LED and SON.

Table Analysis  is used to show the sunrise and sun set data that is going to be used to control the lighting circuits.

Column #1. Date
Column #2. Sunrise time
Column #3. Sunset time

From the Eco3D Component Library the Energy Meter Tariff is loaded. Next two Switch Spreadsheet components are loaded, one for each circuit. Next the two light components are loaded, first the LED floodlight and then the SON floodlight.

Next the circuit names in the lights and switches are set, the two circuits are called LightsLED and LightsSON. When setting the circuit name in the switches the spreadsheet with the sunrise and sunset data is also selected. 

Dragging one hundred of each type of light into the world would be very time consuming, so to save time the multiplier component is loaded from the Eco3D Component Library. The "Select Component" button is clicked and the desired component picked and set the multiplier number to 100. This is repeated for both lights.

The simulation to then set to execute for one week. In this example the simulation is set to run at the maximum speed 1e6, so one week only takes a few seconds to execute. Notice the lights flashing on and off as the simulation runs.

After the simulation completes select the energy meter component then click Reports from the menu bar, click Reports, Templates, Cost Savings. This will open the Report Manager with the cost savings template.  

The template compares the capital costs and running cost of the two different lights. 


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