Energy Consumption Information

This guide is aimed at manufacturers who wish to learn more about how electrical consumption is handled within their products and how to keep this information up to date.

This energy consumption information is used within the product ’components’ that end users of Eco3D will download and use within the software. It is this information that will allow our users to better understand their organisation’s carbon emissions.

As energy consumption data is one of the primary factors end users will be interested in it is important that this information is kept accurate and current.


In order to view or alter this information for a specific product you must first open the product and from the bottom menu bar select the Data button to access the consumption information.

Your component should have more than one consumption state, for further assistance understanding what these different states mean you can also refer to our video tutorial on the subject. Each consumption state can be edited by you, please note that when you change a consumption state the published Data Source will also be updated to reflect that this information has been updated by you.


Please ensure that for a basic product you include an ’Off’ state and an ’On’ state. Wherever possible it is best to keep this information simplistic but accurate. 

In the event that your product is more complex and requires a number of different states you can add whatever is required but please ensure there is still an ’Off’ state included.

IMPORTANT: All consumption rates are expressed in kilowatts.

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