Report Manager

Use Report Manager to collate your data before publishing as a PDF document. Use existing, or create bespoke report templates to maintain corporate identity continuously throughout published materials.

This tool allows raw simulation data to be presented outside of the simulation engine in an accessible format. By doing so it is possible to ensure that all decisions are fully informed, and to understand the consequences of those decisions before capital expenditure.

■ Make reports and report templates suitable for all management levels.

■ Use data and reports to prove your case and make a greater impression.

■ This tool allows even the most non technical of users to communicate their ideas and findings.

This tool is included with every purchase of Eco3D Standard and Eco3D Professional.

For more help in using the Report Manager tool, please log in and check out the articles in the Knowledgebase.

Minimum Requirements

Windows 7 ■ 512MB Memory ■ 2GHz or faster processor ■ 600MB Hard Drive Space ■ .NET Framework 4

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