Graph Analysis

Use Graph Analysis to transform published graphs into usable data tables, ready for further analysis and manipulation in either Table Analysis or any other third party tool.

Graph Analysis reads in a graph image and interprets the image to produce the table of data that the image represents. For this to produce accurate results the graph source image must be to scale.

Use graphs from books, reports, websites, PDF's etc. Any graph that can be saved as a computer image file.

Choose how many data points you wish to extract, to customise the level of detail required, or the level intended by the original publisher.

This tool allows even the most non technical of users to benefit from the power of digital image processing and potentially save hours of manual effort.

When used in conjunction with Eco3D, Graph Analysis allows users to employ the most current and accurate data at their disposal. By doing this it is possible to ensure that the predictions made are accurate and reliable, replicating the real world and giving the confidence needed to make capital investments.

This tool is included with every purchase of Eco3D Lite, Eco3D Standard and Eco3D Professional. It can also be purchased as a standalone tool.

For more help in using the Graph Analysis tool, please log in and check out the articles in the Knowledgebase.

Minimum Requirements

Windows 7 ■ 512MB Memory ■ 2GHz or faster processor ■ 600MB Hard Drive Space ■ .NET Framework 4

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