Component Wizard

Use the Component Wizard to create a component for use in Eco3D, including incorporation of energy consumption data and behaviours, in a very short time.

A step by step process explained on screen at each step takes you through the necessary inputs and automatically creates a custom component based on the information you provide. This allows you to very quickly add your own bespoke energy consuming objects into your 3D simulation, using the data you already have to maximise accuracy.

This is utilised by Eco3D to allow the simulation engine to produce meaningful outputs. By doing this it is possible to ensure that all decisions are being made for the right reasons, and to understand the consequences of those decisions before capital outlay.

■ No 3D modelling skills or technical knowledge is required to create components quickly that can be used in a 3D simulation.

■ Custom components can be very simple or complex as required to suit the task, a full range of customisation options are available.

For more help in using the Component Wizard tool, please log in and check out the articles in the Knowledgebase.

Minimum Requirements

Windows 7 ■ 512MB Memory ■ 2GHz or faster processor ■ 600MB Hard Drive Space ■ .NET Framework 4

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