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Using the table below expand any products or tools for which you require further information. If you already have these tools and are looking for help using them then please refer instead to our on-line knowledge base.

Eco3D Professional
Using Eco3D Professional you have the full functionality of Eco3D Standard with the added ability to create your own components or edit components from our library.
  • Create new components or edit existing ones
  • Import bespoke 3D models for increased visual impact
  • Packaged with all suporting applications (see items listed below)
  • Modify and create behaviors including energy consumption states
  • Add or expose parameters or component specific data (e.g. energy usage, model number, product name etc.)
  • Eco3D Professional includes full energy and carbon usage calculation functionality
  • Greater customisation allows for a more accurate recreation of specific processes than in Eco3D Standard
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Eco3D Standard
Eco3D Standard includes all the tools and functionality you need to examine and predict energy usage as well as take advantage of our library of over 50,000 components.
  • Build and run simulation layouts using exisiting components
  • Determine carbon usage details from your simulations
  • Packaged with several suporting applications (see items listed below)
  • Access our library of over 50,000 components ready for use in Eco3D Standard
  • Experiment with changing processes in a risk free environment
  • Edit component parameters that have already been exposed
  • Eco3D Standard supports the full functionality of any component created in Eco3D Professional
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Graph Analysis
The Eco3D Graph Analysis tool is used to import data directly from a traditional graph format (a visual representation of that data which is accurately to scale) into a table format.
  • Make use of data published in a variety of formats
  • Update your components with the most accurate information you have access to
  • Make meaningfull comparissons between competing ideas no matter how their data is presented
  • Save output files in a readable format for use in external software
  • Move captured data between Eco3D tools at the click of a button
  • Graph analysis uses image processing algorithms to analyise and quantify pictographic data
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Table Analysis
The table analysis tool enables you to convert tables of data into formats you can manilulate and compare. This tool includes over 1100 unit to unit conversions as well as a graphing tool for creating sophisticated graphical output.
  • Open data from other major data manipulation packages
  • Open data produced by Eco3D Graph Analysis and Export Manager software
  • Produce high quality graphs from data in a wide variety of formats and visual representations
  • Save data for use in Eco3D, data can be imported to provide energy consumption information for components
  • Saves data out for use in external software (no external software is required to use Eco3D)
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Fractal Zooming

Fractal Zooming allows users to link multiple simulation layouts to create a 'bigger picture' of an organisation. Building upon the minute detail available within each simulation, the user is presented with a high level overview and access to any level of detail.
  • View the effect of change in one area upon an entire organisation
  • Take a higher level view of an organisation, incorporating results from any number of supporting simulaion layouts
  • Produce carbon footprint and energy consumption reports for an entire organisation
  • Manage groups of linked layouts in a hierarchical tree structure
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Component Wizard

Use the Component Wizard to create new components within seconds, significantly reducing the time it takes to build layouts from scratch. Component Wizzard components support the full functionality of any other bespoke components.
  • Use custom or generically assigned 3D graphics
  • Include customised energy consumption functionality within the component
  • Set the component energy consumption states
  • Create bespoke components from scratch in less time than ever before with very little technical knowledge
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Report Manager
The Report Manager produces high quality professional reports to display data generated by Eco3D. The Report Manager contains several premade templates and can reduce the time required to meet even the most comprehensive reporting needs.
  • Quickly and accurately produce reports suitable for all levels of management
  • Demonstrate conclusively the merit of your ideas
  • Create reports to meet official standards for carbon reporting
  • Save as a working document and publish to PDF for distribution
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Export Manager

The Export Manager provides users with a tool to extract data from Eco3D where it can be exported for external applications. This data can also be further exploited within Eco3D Table Analysis software.
  • Save data from your layouts to be used in future analysis
  • Take data directly from your simulation layout, transfer it to Table Analysis and access a range of graphing options
  • Choose from a very comprehensive range of data export options
  • Use your data management or spread sheet software product of choice to open data from Eco3D
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