Table Analysis

Use Table Analysis to manipulate and convert data, export to the 3D Discrete Event Simulation Engine or other third party applications for further processing.

Table Analysis is compatible with Eco3D and other commonly used data formats, and comes with an exhaustive library of unit conversions. Export directly from the simulation engine to Table Analysis, move data very quickly between software packages.

Use any data source, convert into a common unit type and make valid like for like comparisons. Unit conversion uses a built in library of conversion options covering every unit type we are currently aware of. This includes commonly found units through to obscure scientific or engineering specific unit types.

This tool allows even the most non-technical of users to escape the confusion of not being able to do straight comparisons. Such a large number of unit types are catered for all possible permutations are covered. If we don't have your unit type we will do our best to add it!

Data can be output in graphical format or in formats commonly accessible to third party applications such as comma separate value (CSV) files.

This tool is included with every purchase of Eco3D Lite, Eco3D Standard and Eco3D Professional. It can also be purchased as a standalone tool.

For more help in using the Table Analysis tool, please log in and check out the articles in the Knowledgebase.

Minimum Requirements

Windows 7 ■ 512MB Memory ■ 2GHz or faster processor ■ 600MB Hard Drive Space ■ .NET Framework 4

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